LuaFy – a free Lua scripting plug-in for FileMaker Pro®

The Origin Story of LuaFy

LuaFy grew out of a need to peform a simple but lengthy matrix calculation using data from thousands of user records in FlockFiler, a niche FileMaker Pro Advanced runtime solution by Cosmic Consulting. FileMaker Pro's script engine can do the task but it requires far too much time to calculate. Along with some utility functions, an early incarnation of LuaFy has been bundled with FlockFiler as a custom plug-in since FlockFiler Pro v1.0.4, released on September 12, 2010.

Since some of Cosmic Consulting's custom development clients and many other FileMaker Pro® developers can benefit from incorporating Lua scripting in their FileMaker solutions, it was decided that a standalone Lua-specific plug-in was needed. The new LuaFy plug-in focuses entirely on providing Lua in a way that is robust, well integrated into FileMaker Pro®, and immediately useful to other FileMaker Pro® developers.

Thank you to 24U Software for providing the very excellent 24U Plug-in Template that greatly aided the development of LuaFy.

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LuaFy is a product of Cosmic Consulting
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