LuaFy – a free Lua scripting plug-in for FileMaker Pro®
LuaFy is free to use and distribute with your solutions.
LuaFy Plus requires a paid license and adds premium features.
The latest version is v1.5.0 released March 10, 2017.
Download for Windows 32-bit (.zip)  253 kB or 64-bit (.zip)  267 kB
Download for Macintosh 32/64-bit (.zip)  366 kB
LuaFy_Examples.fp7 (.zip)  47 kB
For FileMaker Pro® 11 through FileMaker Pro® 15
including Advanced and Server versions
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Demo license for LuaFy Plus

FileMaker Pro and the LuaFy plug-in file for your platform is all you need. No additional third-party software is required.

Download, unzip, and place the plug-in file into the appropriate Extensions folder of your FileMaker Pro installation or use the Install Plug-in File script step with the LuaFy plug-in stored in a container field in your solution.

The plug-in files are digitally signed. To check the digital signature on Windows, examine the file's Properties to see the Digital Signatures tab to see that it is signed by "Cosmic Consulting". On Mac OS X 10.5 or later use "codesign -dv -vv LuaFy.fmplugin" in the Terminal to see that the signature is present and the first "Authority" is "Developer ID Application: Thomas Hays".

FeatureLuaFy (free) LuaFy Plus
Run Lua scripts  
Easily pass FileMaker data to Lua as function arguments  
Return a value from Lua as function result  
Call Lua functions directly from FileMaker  
Execute SQL on FileMaker tables from within Lua  
Execute operating system shell commands  
String handling including pattern matching and captures  
Ordinary and associative arrays (single and multi-dimensional)  
Persistently store session data in Lua and access from FileMaker  
Read and write data to files  
Rename or delete files  
Get information on files and directories  
Enhancements to Lua to handle unicode strings  
Change LuaFy calculation timeout value  
Suspend and resume Lua function calculations  
LuaSocket libary - TCP/IP Networking functions  
MD5 hash function  
FNV hash function  
Edit Distance function  
base64 encode/decode  
ascii85 encode/decode  

LuaFy is a product of Cosmic Consulting
Tom Hays <>